Although we specialise in music filming, we love all kinds of events.

If you have a lecture, play, conference or any other type of specialist event that you want to capture on film, we have the capacity to help you.  Whatever purpose you want a video for, whether it be educational, to relieve a moment in time or just for pure entertainment, we have the means to create content around your event that you can use for distribution in any professional field and on any social media platform.



  • Live multi-camera recordings for all types of events
  • Front of House mixing for the event (if required)
  • Audio mixing of the event in post-production
  • All video and audio services that will take your project form start to finish, including editing, colour correction and grading, audio cleaning, mixing and mastering (for further information on these services see our Video and Audio specific pages)

To provide you with a free quote, we require the following information at least 1-4 weeks before the event:

Live events –

  • Site reconnaissance – Can we assess the venue in advance of the event? Failing this, can you put us in contact with someone at the venue who may be able to give us the information we need? This will aid us in planning how we will shoot the event
  • Access – Can we film on stage (if applicable)? Are there areas where we can safely set up our equipment that will not interfere with the running of the event?
  • Audio – Will the gig be recorded by an in-house sound engineer or do we need to record it?
  • Filming specifics – Have you got a stage layout diagram or technical specification that you can send us? This is for us to be able to determine how many cameras we will need for the shoot, as well as give us ample time to plan our shots for the event

When dealing with high profile companies and brands, we need to know if we have the correct permissions at every stage of the job. This is of the utmost importance at the filming and editing stages.

We need certain permissions from:

  • The venue, whether indoor or outdoor, ensuring that we can film there for the event
  • Performers, artists, guest speakers or lecturers as they must be made aware that we are filming and agree with it in advance of the event
  • The management of the aforementioned parties (this is particularly important when clearing content for release)
  • The resident sound engineer (if applicable), to use the recording of the event for the video

Please contact us with the information of the specialist event you are considering for filming and we will provide you with a free quote

Please follow this link to see our Specialist Event portfolio