From acoustic sessions with one musician and a guitar to projects with over 70 tracks with all kind of instruments, synthesisers, drums and vocals, we can mix all styles of music to video.

The mixing stage is crucial to making your music or soundtracks stand out in a world saturated by new music. With the easy of availability of software and recording equipment to this generation of music makers, the mixing process is where most modern music falls down. The principles and practices that create a great mix are often overlooked.


With Max’s years of experience as a sound engineer and producer, this area is where we come in to our own. Whatever style of music, we have the techniques to bring the project together into a cohesive unit that stands up to the quality and loudness of commercial releases.


  • Creative mixing – with our combined years of experience in the live and recorded music industry, we can mix any type of music to be in keeping with the style of video you wish to create, as well as mix songs or tracks that are not put to visuals
  • Mixing techniques –
    • Compression
    • Parallel Compression
    • Ducking
    • Creative and Corrective EQ
    • Volume Level and FX Automation
    • Panning
    • Sound design
    • Composition
    • Arrangement
    • Advanced mixing techniques
    • Mono/Stereo mixing
  • Brief – please send us a description of your project and the specifics of what audio you need us to mix
  • Stems – whatever your specific audio needs, we will need to know how you are going to send us the files, discuss in what format you are sending them (i.e. WAV, MP3, Stereo Mix, Individual stems) and how many tracks in total

Please contact us with the information of the job you may require mixing for and we will provide you with a free quote