“At thirteen I got a guitar for my birthday. Since then things have never been the same. Locking myself away for hours after school and making terrible noises, I realised music had become my obsession. Working in this industry is my passion and I’m fortunate to work with many young and talented musicians, producers and songwriters.”

I knew from a young age that I loved telling stories. At university I studied creative writing and developed my narrative skills. Those three years in themselves were a mess of random events, drunken nights and drunken friends. Leaving with a degree, which I was pleased to accept, I made my way into music, an obsession that I’ve kept since those early days.

When I left uni I knew that all I wanted to do with my life was work in music. I studied for a BTEC Diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Production at the Islington Music Workshop and worked at a bar in South Croydon for six months whilst I figured out my grand plan. The course taught me the basics of what I know now, and everything else I learnt from real world experience…and the internet. YouTube is extremely helpful…you can find anything on there.

I’d had enough of the bar industry by New Years Eve 2014, after five years of slogging it out, and handed in my notice on the stroke of midnight. That was my statement of intent. I knew that from then on out I was going to make my dreams a reality whatever it took.

So how did I get to this point in time? For the last few years I have taken on all kinds of part time work whilst developing as a producer and trying to find my way into the industry. I worked as a painter and decorator, built a music venue at Glastonbury and then bartended there for the festival. I painted fences, built driveways, fell back into bartending at different points, but only working for people I liked. Anything to make money to get me where I needed to be. I relied heavily on my parents to help me out and I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. They have always been instrumental in my success, and continue to support me to this day.

Over this time I dabbled in live sound engineering, played in a band and worked with a number of artists who I am still recording and producing. There were other things that have happened to get me to where I am now, but we can save that for when we talk in person. My passion for stories stemmed from books. I loved reading and immersing myself in the weird and wonderful worlds that people created. Now I have the ability to tell stories through video and audio. It’s as if all of the previous things I have experienced were leading me to this point. Lets see where we go from here.