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As if by a twist of fate, Max and Harry first met on the Sample Answer Tour in support of The Fratellis in 2015.

It was the music that had put them there.

Having just finished his Sound Engineering and Music Production course at the Islington Music Workshop at the end of 2013, Max quit his job as a bartender. Shortly after, at a party in Brixton Jamm, Max was in talks with the events manager about putting on a new club night when he met Sample Answer. Deciding as guitarists that they had the same taste in music, Sample Answer, real name Maurice O’Connor, and Max became friends and started jamming. After a year of gigs and various band lineups, Max became Maurice’s sound engineer.

Having honed his skills at Fubar Radio, his first gig since leaving university, in early 2015 Harry began working at UK leading online music magazine Gigwise as the sole video producer. Heavily involved in the live music scene, Harry went to a Pete Doherty gig in London and saw Maurice perform as the support act. Harry liked his style, and had the opportunity to film Sample Answer on a gondola at Latitude festival soon after. As the pair got along well, Harry was invited to film his upcoming tour with The Fratellis.

Fratellis Tour Poster

One blustery day in Queenstown Road, Max and Harry’s paths crossed. On the road Max and Harry quickly became friends through a mutual love of music and an appreciation of the others work. It seemed obvious that they both has skills that mean they could work perfectly as a team. Now, they are partners in crime in the audio/visual world.

Max + Harry Gigwise Sign Edit

After the tour Max and Harry decided to work together on some projects to see what they could produce as a partnership. Harry wanted to bring Max into Gigwise as a sound engineer to improve the quality of the videos they were creating and Max needed to build content for the artist he had been producing.

At Gigwise, the pair created a YouTube series, aided by a team of interns that Harry took under his wing, called the Gigwise Office Sessions. In five weeks they recorded, mixed, edited and mastered videos of 28 international bands and solo artists.

Having worked together for six months at Gigwise and on various other musical projects outside of the office, Max and Harry decided they would strike out on their own. Unwilling to choose a corporate sounding name to represent what they do, and with the knowledge that lurking on the internet there was a film about two incestuous musician brothers called ‘Harry & Max,’ they decided on a name that says it like it is.

Now, they are always conscious of standing the correct way for every photo, as branding is important.

Unfortunately…it doesn’t always work out.

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