Mastering is the very final stage of the audio process, and is where the overall quality of a song or soundtrack can be improved. Trained ears can spot where there are problem areas in a mix that need to be addressed, and without the ability to go back to the mixing stage to rectify issues, mastering can even out problem areas and add tonality changes that will create the perfect sonic quality you are after. Creative use of compression and EQ can bring your project to that level above and turn it from a good song into something that holds its own in a market saturated by new music.



  • Basic mastering – at the end of a project the finishing touches are applied through very minimal changes in compression and EQ. With the mastering tools we have available, we can add that glue that tightens up your music or soundtrack and raise its overall loudness using Limiters, which will make it stand up to commercially released videos and songs.
  • Brief – please send us a description of your project and the specifics of what audio you need mastered, as well as the style of sound you are envisaging
  • Stems – whatever your specific audio needs, we will need to know how you are going to send us the files, discuss in what format you are sending them (i.e. WAV, MP3, Stereo Mix, Individual stems) and how many tracks in total

Please contact us with the information of the job you may require mastering for and we will provide you with a free quote