Interviews are essential to gaining unique insight on different subjects from people more knowledgable than yourself. They can also be completely anarchic and pointless…if you interview rockstars who don’t really want to talk to you.

With all of the interviews we conduct, we aim to ask challenging but insightful questions, always with an intended audience in mind. Even if we are not the interviewers ourselves, as we always welcome questions written by clients, we seek to convey a strong sense of the interviewee’s character through our filming technique, as well as provoke excellent answers to questions on carefully chosen topics.



  • Live multi-camera and audio recordings for interviews with solo artists, full bands, members of the public, academics, journalists and any other type of person you wish to have interviewed
  • Filming in intimate settings in any kind of venue, including outdoor locations.
  • All video and audio services that will take your project form start to finish, including editing, colour correction and grading, audio cleaning, mixing and mastering (for further information on these services see our Video and Audio specific pages)

To provide you with a free quote, we require the following information at least 1-4 weeks before the session date:

  • An idea of who we are filming. Is it a solo artist, band or an individual outside of music? (Music interviews are our speciality, but we can take on work in any profession)
  • The location you wish to film in
  • If we are filming a non-English speaking client, do we have access to an interpreter? Can we rely on the interpreter or another party to translate the interview transcript in post-production?

When dealing with high profile companies, brands, bands and solo artists, we need to know if we have the correct permissions at every stage of the job. This is of the utmost importance at the filming and editing stages.

We need certain permissions from:

  • The venue, whether indoor or outdoor, ensuring that we can film there
  • The management of the bands, artists or any other kind of performer (this is particularly important when clearing content for release)

Please contact us with the information of the interview you are considering for filming and we will provide you with a free quote

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