At the end of a project, we will look at applying the final polish. Grading is the last step towards creating a stylised atmosphere that is specific to your qualitative needs.

Whether you want to give your content a hard edge or soften it, give it a vintage feel or make it look cinematic then we can adapt the style of grade to suit you.



  • Grading that is in keeping with the type of video you wish to create or a stylised grade that will create a unique atmosphere for your content

On projects we have filmed:

  • With a detailed understanding of the client brief, we will tailor the grade to suit your expectations
  • Unless we have been given specific information in the brief provided, we will make creative decisions based around the style of video as to what grade it should have

On projects where we enter at the post-production stage:

  • An understanding of the client needs with clear instruction as to what style of grade you require
  • Your proposed method of sending or delivering the footage or finished video you need graded to us (via web based transfer services such as WeTransfer, MyAirBridge or by posting/giving us a hard drive backup)

Please contact us with the information of the job you may require grading for and we will provide you with a free quote