XOYO Gigwise

In under five weeks we recorded, edited and mixed 28 acoustic performances for the Gigwise Office Sessions, with emerging international bands and solo artists, as well as established artists such as:

All sessions were shot as live, with a multi-camera setup. Audio was recorded through a Zoom R16 with a combination of dynamic and condenser microphones, as well as Zoom H4N handheld recorders. Our first time working together as a production team, we managed and directed the artists, bands and PR’s, reducing turnaround times of the sessions from an hour to 25 minutes. This was important in an office environment where other members of the team are disturbed by filming, and our attitude toward creating high quality content in time pressured situations raised the efficiency of the working environment. To date these videos have accumulated over 70,000 views.

Acoustic Sessions

Music Documentaries

In December 2015 we flew out to Oslo in Norway to film Einar Selvik, creator of Wardruna, a musical project that uses the traditional instruments of the Vikings to translate Nordic values into a 21st Century context. He has in the last few years, collaborated with the History channel on the soundtrack for hit drama series Vikings.

We went out to Norway with no brief as to what we were to be filming and on the three day shoot, we collected enough material to start thinking of how we would present what we had learnt into an accessible yet entertaining format.

In post-production, we edited and mixed the project to tell a cohesive narrative of our adventures in Norway through a combination of footage and audio from a live gig with limited filming access, cutaways of sound check and three interviews recorded in indoor and challenging outdoor locations.


We have filmed a variety of interviews with producers, DJ’s and musicians.

Key Tracks

Artists talk us through their classic songs and the stories behind the music.



Out on a whim, we decided to meet up with four piece Indie band Hinds before they went on their world tour. We talk about first date playlists…vinyl only of course.


Pete Doherty and Karl Barât decided to set up a pop up shop called The Bucket Shop, located next door to The Dublin Castle in Camden. They sell everything from vinyl and merchandise to the band’s guitars, amps, clothing and even their own branded tea. We went down to check it out.