We are always edit focused when we shoot. Having the end product in mind as we work on a project, we already know how we will cut the footage together to create a cohesive narrative, dependant on the subject matter.

The edit is where a project can easily fall down. The approach for an edit of a video about club culture will differ greatly to content about live music, and understanding how to construct these videos in a style that is true to the subject matter is one of our greatest skills.


For projects where we have not been a part of filming, we assess the footage we are given and alongside the client brief, we will focus on the key aspects of the story that needs to be told. At this crucial stage in the creation of your content, we can work together to craft your vision. We not only offer an editing service, but creative input that can take your raw footage from the conception of the idea to the final stages.


  • Editing styles – with an infinite variety of things to film, no two edits will ever be the same. How we edit live gigs, documentaries, music videos, sessions and all the other areas that we operate in, all differ in terms of editing style. With a vast amount of experience in many video fields, we offer bespoke editing of content that is unique to your needs
  • Pacing – as the attention span of the online user is particularly short, we pay close attention to making our content engaging through the correct pacing for the style of video we are creating
  • Social media focus – when working on projects for online release, we are always conscious of creating different content strands of varying time lengths for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This not only provides you with additional content strands, but if the shorter videos are released correctly, this can create a buzz around the final piece of content by engaging your users on multiple media platoforms

On projects we have filmed:

  • An understanding of the client needs and the the story they wish to tell
  • An indication of the expected turnaround time for the project

On projects where we enter at the post-production stage:

  • An understanding of the client needs with regards to story, pacing and style
  • Clear instruction as to what footage or content is NOT to be used in the edit (sometimes we are presented with explicit content and as a matter of course we will not use it. However, we will need clarification from the client to be certain we can progress with the project)
  • Your proposed method of sending or delivering the footage you need edited to us (via web based transfer services such as WeTransfer, MyAirBridge or by posting/giving us a hard drive backup)

As stated on our PRE-PRODUCTION pages, when dealing with high profile companies, brands and people from whom we would require clearance, we need to know if we have the correct permissions at every stage of the job. This is of the utmost importance at the editing stage.

We need certain permissions from:

  • Venues – if we have not filmed there we need their agreement that we can use any of the footage provided
  • Performers, artists, bands, academics, general members of the public, etc, as they must be made aware that we are editing the footage and must agree with its usage
  • Any kind of management of the aforementioned kinds of people or professionals
  • Anyone else that is involved in the project that could possibly require us to gain clearance from

NOTE: If you are considering using stock or archive footage for the edit, this is something that must be discussed with us up front, as there are many issues that arise with cost and licensing issues that we must be all be aware of before we enter into an agreement on the project

Please contact us with the information of the job you may require editing for and we will provide you with a free quote