Continuity is extremely important to us. Every camera shoots to a different white balance and issues can arise when colours aren’t matched with indoor and outdoor shots.

Creating an overall level of quality and continuity across our videos is something we pride ourselves on, and colour correction is one process in the post-production stage that, if done right, can drastically improve your project.



  • Shot matching – where we have filmed with multiple cameras, often the colours will need to be matched to provide overall continuity. We always aim to rectify these issues to maintain the quality of our videos overall

On projects we have filmed:

  • We will make creative decisions on colour correction ourselves, unless we have been given specific information in the brief provided

On projects where we enter at the post-production stage:

  • An understanding of the client needs with clear instruction as to what footage needs correction and what colours you want
  • Your proposed method of sending or delivering the footage you need corrected to us (via web based transfer services such as WeTransfer, MyAirBridge or by posting/giving us a hard drive backup)

Please contact us with the information of the job you may require colour correction for and we will provide you with a free quote