Without the proper equipment, recorded audio can be noisy, loud and potentially unusable. With the miracle of modern technology, we have the capability to drastically improve the quality of your audio and save projects from being abandoned.

When it comes to poorly recorded interviews, instrument and vocal recordings that have distracting pops and clicks in them and all manner of issues that can arise with audio, we have methods of cleaning or repairing them.



  • Audio cleaning – where audio is noisy and ruins your project, we can significantly reduce or completely remove (dependant on just how bad it is) noise from your audio
  • Audio editing – if you haven’t got the time to clean up an entire multi-track project to the standard you would like, send us the stems and we will do it for you. Close editing, cross fades and all manner of ways of organising your project ready for mixing, we can help with
  • Time stretching and pitch correction – if you have a song that you really do not have the funds to go back in the studio to record, we may be able to rectify your problems with creative timing, pitching and other methods of audio correction that could save you time, energy and money
  • Brief – please send us a description of your project and the specifics of what audio you need us to work on
  • Stems – whatever your specific audio needs, we will need to know how you are going to send us the files, discuss in what format you are sending them (i.e. WAV, MP3, Stereo Mix, Individual stems) and how many tracks in total

Please contact us with the information of the job you may require audio cleaning for and we will provide you with a free quote